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Re: [gpsstash] PS2 connector pin outs and voltages???

> > That may not be a very good idea. You'll be drawing a lot more current
> > through the motherboard to drive the GPS. It won't be enough by itself to
> > fry it, but it will heat things up a bit more.
> My DeLorme Tripmate has run many, many hours powered by the mouse port
> (similar to a PS2 keyboard port) on my laptop without any noticeable
> ill effects.

Laptops are designed for the higher heat densities. Even on a PC, you
won't see the resultant ill effects, if any at all, for quite some time.
Unless it is extreme, heat takes a good bit of time to destroy solid state

The issue here is that more components draw more current through your
motherboard which results in more heat. The other issue is that, no
matter how much you filter it, your computer is constantly being spiked
by "impurities" in the power system. Railing more power through your
system, makes those spikes more potent.

GPS systems were not designed to carefully regulate power. They were
designed to use a limited power source like a battery that, even short
circuited, could not do very much damage. I would search for a plug in
battery pack, or do this with a throw-away computer (then again, aren't
they all...).

Just my 2c worth...


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