Bob Jordan <>
Sent: 1/16/2001 3:52:39 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 196

Dear gpsstash group members,

I love these GPS newsletters but there is just one little thing that gets to
me occasionally. There is so much repeated material in them. When you get
a newsletter like say No 196 you will find that much of the material is
repeated two three or even four times and it makes it harder to read. Could
I make a polite request that when you reply to a newsletter that you keep
the quoted material to a bare minimum, and remove any material that is not
important. I just went through the material in Newsletter 196 and found
that as received it contained 1200 lines, 4300 words and 32000 characters.
On removing what I thought was unneeded it reduced to 670 lines, 2700 words
and 21000 characters. That is about 33% of the material that I don't need
to look at.

You can still make your response make sense if you put in the essentials of
the message that you are responding to in quotes. Look at how the others do
it. It all helps to make the newsletters more interesting and easier to

Keep up the good work and keep those letters rolling in.

Bob J.

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