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RE: [gpsstash] Re: WGS84!

well, 72 degrees 00.000' would be identical in either format, where
71degrees 59.500' would be a long long way off between the two. one
measures with a 100 point scale, the other with a 60 second scale. You
could be as far as 40% of a degree off in either direction. that could put
you in another state.

My knowledge of the data is not 100%, but then again, I'm a lowly artist.

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Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Re: WGS84!

Out of curiosity (and being too lazy to dig on my own), how far apart are
they, relationally speaking (inches, feet, miles) or is this question way
off course? Is there a standard difference?


>From: "Matt O'Brien"
>Subject: [gpsstash] Re: WGS84!
>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 21:04:41 -0000
>As a rule, when I'm hunting a cache (or other location) and having
>trouble finding it, I verify I've got the coords entered properly and
>I'm using the specified dateum (typically WGS84). I have, on occasion
>verified the settings and still come up empty. Rather than quit at
>this point (since I've come all this way), I'll reset my settings to
>NAD27 or other likely datums and continue the search. This has proved

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