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Sent: 1/17/2001 12:43:55 AM

Re: Canyon Troubles

Sounds like a great day Paul, sorry I coudn't join you. Dave
--- In, "Judy Morton" wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to the list as I just received my Garmin 12 GPS as of
> 13. As the newest member of Siskiyou Co.Search and Rescue I need to
> learn some of this high tech stuff.
> So, Monday the 15th, I struck out for the cache near the Oregon
> border and the Klamath River. I started at the historical homestead
> site on the main dirt road. Hiking basically due south w/my
> companions, Ranger and Scout the packgoats, and my dog we climbed
> to 4250 ft. from a starting elevation of 3300ft. We x-countried the
> miles in while picking up old logging roads when possible.
> When we reached the "end of the road clearing" as discribed by Gary
> and Dwain (originators), I hiked up the ravine to claim my prize.
> Well, that was'nt as easy as I thought,having hiked more or less in
> circle for about 1/2 hour up in the ravine. Finally, I decided to
> walk away from the area to get an idea where I was, based on the
> screen. Once I did that I took a compass bearing pointing to the
> cache, or where I thought is was. After hiking a few minutes I just
> about stumbled right over the goodies.
> The cache location is in a very beautiful spot at the base of a
> rock face. Secret Spring Mtn. is about 3/4 mile SE of the Cache.
> Some nice things in the cache, but I did not take or leave
> I ate my lunch, wrote in the notebook about my adventures, and
> enjoyed the moment. With 4-6 inches of snow on the ground and the
> blocked by the high ridge above, I decided to head back as I was
> cooling down.
> It was a great time had by all, and my hats off to Gary and Dwain
> picking a really nice and out of the way cache site. I hope to find
> and create some more sites in Siskiyou Co. as time permits.
> Thanks guys, Paul