"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 1/17/2001 1:28:11 AM

Re: Digest Number 196

See msg #1375 for an example of what NOT to do when replying to
posts. This reply contains the entire text (dozens of lines) of the
original message with just a SINGLE line of text for the reply. In
Bob's case where he just gets a single digest email daily which
contains all the days postings, trying to find the relevent
information within the mounds of repeated data can be frustrating.
Please heed Bob's advice and use proper netiquette by editing out the
unneccesary parts of the message you are replying to.

On the other hand, Bob, you might consider switching from digest mode
to No Email/Web Interface Only (as I do) which allows you to read the
posts via your browser and you can pick and choose which posts to
read/not read. The best part is no email to convolute your inbox
(which means no email viruses).

Just offering my opinion on the subject which may or may not reflect
the opinions of others :)


--- In, Bob Jordan wrote:
> I love these GPS newsletters but there is just one little thing
that gets to
> me occasionally. There is so much repeated material in them