"Dave Ulmer" <>
Sent: 1/18/2001 3:49:25 PM

Geographing welcomes Geocaching !

I want to welcome all you Geocachers to a new eGroup called Geographing.
Geographing is dedicated to adding GPS coordinates to all types of files
containing geographic information. Information relating to Geocaches can now
be Geographed for easy searching and retrieval. Photo's are the primary file
type to be geographed but spoiler text and other information could be
treated the same way. Please visit for
more information. The group is just getting started and we need your help
and insight to get the details of geographing right.

Join the new eGroup and start Geographing you Geocaches! Be sure to visit
the Files area and the Geograph Gallery to see some geographs.


Dave Ulmer