"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 1/19/2001 8:57:08 PM

Re: Garmin software upgrade


To check my own advice, I went to the Garmin download page to see if
they provided a link to earlier versions of SW. I own a 12XL, but I
tried the eMap page since that's what you're having trouble with.

Download page only offers a link for the current SW rev (, however, it does list
sections on the page showing 'changes betwee version X and version
Y'. The version previous to 2.63 was 2.62. So, I simply changed the
URL to read...

And I was able to download the file. So, even though there's no link
to it, the file still exists and is retrievable. I assume this is the
case with other previous revs of SW for this and other models, but
didn't try it.

If you know what version you were running prior to installing 2.63,
you might try downloading it in the event another install of 2.63
fails again.

Good luck.

Matt O.

> And if that doesn't fix it, reload the backrev SW version (assuming
> it's still available from Garmin).

> > You may wish to reload the software and see what happens as
> this certainly isn't a
> > known problem.
> > > FYI, I upgraded my eMap to the 2.63 software version a week or
> ago,
> > > and it's locked up 2 or 3 times