Alan Batie <>
Sent: 1/20/2001 10:12:38 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Garmin software upgrade

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 12:12:21AM -0800, wrote:
> I wouldn't discount your experience though. Have you reported those issues
> to Garmin? Has anyone tried to load an older version on their eMap? I
> think I might have 2.61 laying around on my hard drive somewhere if you
> want to try to back-load it.

The first time I reported it, they gave me a "Master Reset" sequence that
involves turning it off then holding down the ESC button while you turn
it on. Except when it's locked up, you can't turn it off, and when you
turn it on, it's fine. I pointed that out (which had been mentioned in
the original message), and now they want me to send it in for repair.
Given that it was working just fine until I upgraded, I can't believe
it's actually broken, but if no one else is seeing the problem, maybe
it is...

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