Sent: 1/20/2001 1:37:27 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Garmin software upgrade

> The first time I reported it, they gave me a "Master Reset" sequence that
> involves turning it off then holding down the ESC button while you turn
> it on. Except when it's locked up, you can't turn it off, and when you
> turn it on, it's fine. I pointed that out (which had been mentioned in
> the original message), and now they want me to send it in for repair.
> Given that it was working just fine until I upgraded, I can't believe
> it's actually broken, but if no one else is seeing the problem, maybe
> it is...

I have nothing to back this up, but I suspect they changed the hardware a
bit, half way through the production run of the eMap (which makes sense
given that the upgrade was to read a different kind of flash memory IIRC).
You may have one of the versions that wasn't tested as thoroughly. What
does the sticker on the back of yours say? Mine has the following:

eMap, AM FC
s/n 98654818
Patents Pending

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