"Robert A. Casinghino / Gambit32" <>
Sent: 1/21/2001 10:32:51 PM

Waypoint Request: Bannerman's Castle (Hudson Valley, NY)

Down the river from me, theres a castle on a small island in the Hudson
river. I think its south of West Point. Basically this guy built a castle
on this island and stored munitions and stuff leftover from the Spanish
American War. A fired burned it out in ... 1969 I believe.

Its not easy (or legal) to actually visit the island, but I'd like to know
if anyone has a waypoint on record for it.

Theres a great website up about it at if people want to
take a look at some pictures. I've only been by it on the train 3 times,
and I must say its an absolutely incredible site.

I guess in the area there are a lot of abandoned mansions and
buildings. I'd love to put waypoints of some of these places(Bannermans,
Wyndcliffe, etc) onto my GPS for ... ahem... "further reference"

Any help would be appreciated

Robert A. Casinghino
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