"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 1/21/2001 10:23:55 PM

Re: A challenge for Missouri Folks...

I wish I lived close enough to help look for it. If you haven't
checked these areas, give them a try on your next visit...

I took a look at the topozone maps of the park searching for Cave
symbols (which look sort of like "--<"). See the following link for
the real symbol...

On the 1:25,000 scale map I see a few named caves, namely

River Cave @ approx N37.9753 W92.7606
Island Cave @ approx N37.9742 W92.7717 (might need a boat)

And another section labeled simply 'Caves' or 'Trout Spring Pool
Caves' (depending upon how you read the map), with 2 cave symbols

One @ approx N37.9740 W92.7647
Another @ approx N37.9739 W92.7652

All four of these caves are within about 1/2 mile of each other.


Unsure if the following are within the park boundaries, but I also
found the following to the west and southwest respectively...

Onyx Cave @ approx N37.9718 W92.8094
Tunnel Dam Cave @ approx N37.9389 W92.8486

I didn't see any cave symbols with no names, although scannign a topo
for these symbols is tedious at best. Keep in mind the coords were
obtained by simply placing the cursor over the tip of the cave
symbol, so they probably aren't completely accurate, but should get
you close enough to notice a cave entrance.

> Unfortunately, it's still a mystery. Went searching this morning
> am sorry to report that I could not find the cave