"Steven Sylvester" <>
Sent: 1/22/2001 10:43:07 PM

Re: A challenge for Missouri Folks...

It would be at the east end of the island - that's what I get for
going without a map (although it can be more fun that way sometimes).
Maybe next time.

--- In, "Matt O'Brien" wrote:
> I wish I lived close enough to help look for it. If you haven't
> checked these areas, give them a try on your next visit...
> I took a look at the topozone maps of the park searching for Cave
> symbols (which look sort of like "--<"). See the following link for
> the real symbol...
> On the 1:25,000 scale map I see a few named caves, namely
> River Cave @ approx N37.9753 W92.7606
> Island Cave @ approx N37.9742 W92.7717 (might need a boat)
> And another section labeled simply 'Caves' or 'Trout Spring Pool
> Caves' (depending upon how you read the map), with 2 cave symbols
> One @ approx N37.9740 W92.7647
> Another @ approx N37.9739 W92.7652
> All four of these caves are within about 1/2 mile of each other.
> ----
> Unsure if the following are within the park boundaries, but I also
> found the following to the west and southwest respectively...
> Onyx Cave @ approx N37.9718 W92.8094
> Tunnel Dam Cave @ approx N37.9389 W92.8486
> I didn't see any cave symbols with no names, although scannign a
> for these symbols is tedious at best. Keep in mind the coords were
> obtained by simply placing the cursor over the tip of the cave
> symbol, so they probably aren't completely accurate, but should get
> you close enough to notice a cave entrance.
> > Unfortunately, it's still a mystery. Went searching this morning
> and
> > am sorry to report that I could not find the cave