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Re: [gpsstash] Re: some interesting sites for your GPS

speaking of crashes :
alot of info...dunno if they have coordinates though...

>From: "Matt O'Brien"
>Subject: [gpsstash] Re: some interesting sites for your GPS
>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 08:00:54 -0000
>Cool stuff. I remember when I lived in Virginia, an airliner crashed
>into Mt. Weather (near Leesburg) on approach to Dulles.
>The interesting thing about this crash, is that the crash site just
>happens to be atop an underground military installation used to
>protect the high-level government officials in the event of an attack
>on Washington, D.C. Word has it there are also missile silos there,
>but I'm not sure about that.
>The aftermath of the crash was like dumping honey on an anthill. The
>place was instantly crawling with military and you couldn't get
>within miles of the area. There is a public road that runs through
>the base, but you still can't get to the spot of the crash. Of
>course, this was 30 some years ago, so there's not much left to see.
> > Thanks for this link. I love hunting crash sites. Here are a few I
> > photographed:
> >

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