Sent: 1/23/2001 10:04:25 PM

Re: [gpsstash] averaging a GPS position

I agree with the need to consider the placing of a cache carefully.
In some ways that is why I queried averaging, because someone
looking for a cache is not going to get within a metre or so. Averaging
may give one a false sense of accuracy.

Obviously to get a good signal is important. But then also to remember
that when a person homes in on the cache there is a good change
they will only be within 5-10m. So the place of the cache should be
good enough to allow them to do a systematic search within a 10 metre
radius and find it. A hint may help here.

The etrex gives a location accuracy on the satellite page.
Is this a DOP?
When placing a cache people should look at the accuracy given
by the GPS device and then consider whether someone that distance
away in any direction could find it.