"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 1/23/2001 2:00:54 AM

Re: some interesting sites for your GPS

Cool stuff. I remember when I lived in Virginia, an airliner crashed
into Mt. Weather (near Leesburg) on approach to Dulles.

The interesting thing about this crash, is that the crash site just
happens to be atop an underground military installation used to
protect the high-level government officials in the event of an attack
on Washington, D.C. Word has it there are also missile silos there,
but I'm not sure about that.

The aftermath of the crash was like dumping honey on an anthill. The
place was instantly crawling with military and you couldn't get
within miles of the area. There is a public road that runs through
the base, but you still can't get to the spot of the crash. Of
course, this was 30 some years ago, so there's not much left to see.


> Thanks for this link. I love hunting crash sites. Here are a few I
> photographed: