"Matthew Birch" <>
Sent: 1/24/2001 9:14:29 AM

Re: averaging a GPS position

I would agree with Mike here. In the post SA world short term
averaging does not greatly increase the accuracy of you marked
waypoint. I still use it though. I use to so I can get away from my
GPS and let it have a better view of the sky. Of all the obstacle
around a GPS the biggest and closest is your own body. Since I do not
have a remote antenna I set the GPS to average a point and set it down
on the point I want to mark and walk a short distance away so I am not
casting a "shadow". If I can I will try to set it up onto something.
When marking my father's farm I put in on the tops of the fence posts
that were at the corners of the farm. Now the GPS was able to get all
possible satellites without me blocking any. I give the GPS a few
minutes to find any blocked satellites and to average. This is not
away feasible though. Out in the woods your GPS would be fine, but I
would not feel comfortable doing this in a public place your GPS might
grow legs. Just an idea. It works well sometimes.