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RE: [gpsstash] Reporter from LA Times!

I wouldn't "pre-find" the cache, as part of the experience is, well, finding
the cache! The demo will not be authentic if you know where the cache is

So far I have found every cache I've tried to find. My understanding is bad
waypoint (i.e. wrong datum) is the biggest problem to finding a cache. I
like the idea of having a few caches ready to hunt to make sure you at least
find one.

As an aside, I used to try to find the reference locations in the NGS
database. These are tiny markers in the ground, sometimes in a PVC tube. I
have stumbled across more markers than I ever found using the database. This
was in the old SA days, so maybe my luck would be better if I tried again.

Here is the link:
You do a search around a coordinate, then pick a spot that has potential.

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