"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 1/26/2001 1:42:53 AM

Re: newbie question

The "waypoints" are actually just names derived for each listed
cache. This was suggested by other members in order to have a
coherent naming convention to use when loading them into one's GPS
unit. Since many units only take 6 character names, the convention
was suggested using GC (geocache) followed by a hexadecimal number.
The remaining 4 spaces after 'GC' would allow 9999 total caches in
decimal, but many, 65000+ in hex. See

As for a list or spreadsheet containing the waypoint names and their
respective coordinates, I don't know if one exists. Many have
requested such a list as it would allow us to simply upload all
currently known caches in one shot, however maintaining it might take
some work.

Matt O.

> > On the cache pages, there is a line that says "Use Waypoint:
> or someother combination of letters and numbers. From where do
> waypoints come? Is there a great list actually listing the
> coordinates of each of these waypoints?