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RE: [gpsstash] Newsgroups/Clubs

You're right. Since we're not a rowdy bunch I opened all the discussion
groups up, so you can post, registered or not. Post away!

Jeremy Irish

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Sorry, but I *can't* write in the New England GeoCaching Forum .... you
restrict that Forum to registered members :-(

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston,
MA, USA "Go Fly A Kite"
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From: "Jeremy Irish"
Subject: [gpsstash] Newsgroups/Clubs

> In addition, I'd like to mention that Bob Hogan has started the first
> Regional Geocaching group for New England. Since this is the first of its
> kind it'll be interesting to see where they take the sport. If you are in
> New England and would like to join, you can write in the New England
> Geocaching forum (Bob moderates it). I'm sure he'll be writing more about
> soon.

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