Dave Seaton <>
Sent: 1/30/2001 5:58:28 PM

Re: waypoint names

At goose24 we're working on a waypoint archiving program that will be open
source (GPL) software. It will include a feature to load/save waypoints to
a "waypoint exchange format" that could be used to share waypoints in email
or on web pages.. the first release is probably a long way off,
though. i'm even hesitant to mention it, because we've only just begun and
there are some other projects that take precedence right now, but I wanted
to let you know that there were people out there working on a completely
free and gps-independent software program to do this sort of thing.

i don't know if would be interested in using this format to
make waypoints for the caches downloadable, but perhaps someday that sort
of thing will be a reality.

like i said, i'm hesitant to even mention it right now, but just wanted to
let you know that the vision was out there...


Dave Seaton