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RE: [gpsstash] waypoint names

The geocaching site has 1.2 million waypoints in a database. We use these to
augment the maps listed on the site. If you click on the "nearest
placenames" link (It is small, I know) you can see many placenames within
around 3-4 miles from that location. You can click on a specific placename
to get the coordinate as well.


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I have in my hot little hands 25 + - pages of
waypoints of the cities of the world. I guess any
place you could imagine.If you could e-mail 1-2 places
you need the coords for i could e-mail them back to
you.. I wouldnt want this to become an occupation
tho.. If you can talk to Jeremy and tell him what I
have Iwill send him a copy If he feels the need.
this could be scanned into the GEOCACHING site and be
free to everybody..