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Sent: 1/30/2001 3:10:09 PM

Re: [gpsstash] waypoint names

I agree a downloadable comma seperated cache list would make
things a lot easier. has already become authoritative
database, I think worries that someone will start their own
site, and deprecate are unwarranted.

Thus Spoke eric:
> I don't think that there is a feature more requested to this list than some
> sort of downloadable cache list. I wish Jeremy would change his mind about
> adding it to the page... I think I remember several people offering to help
> code it.
> eric
> At 1/28/2001 Sunday 02:20 PM, you wrote:
> >I see every stash has a waypoint name. Is there a file somewhere with all
> >these waypoints that could be uploaded to a GPS?

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