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/. again...

We were slashdotted today as part of a quick note regarding the Degree
Confluence Project post ( As a result we're having a
resurgence of interest in Geocaching. So welcome Slashdotters!

As a response to the webcam data, I'm working on some other things as part
of Groundspeak. More on that later.

Jeremy Irish

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> Ron,
> Have you seen the Degree Confluence Project
( yet?
> If not, I'm sure it will be of interest to you...and others on the
>list that haven't come across it yet.

I did even *less* than RTFM and confused that project with yours,
posting here and thinking I was giving feedback to it. In fact, I
deleted my original post on discovering my error and then stumbled
onto your reply. Thanks all the same!


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