"Richard Amirault" <>
Sent: 1/6/2001 9:21:27 AM

Problem with disposable cameras?

I've noticed that many caches have a disposable camera for finders to take
thier pics and return the camera to the cache (to be developed by the
'owner' of the cache)

However, I've been thinking about this (photography is one of my other
hobbies), and I wonder how well this will work. A disposable camera, by
necessity, *cannot* focus. They are "fixed focus" cameras (most likely set
at the 'hyperfocal' distance to get the maximum depth of field) and if you
read the instructions on them, most say to keep the subject at least 4 feet
from the camera. I don't know about you guys, but my arms are not that

Has any cache owner actually developed the film and posted the pictures?? I
would think that, for the most part, the people would be slightly out of
focus with *very* sharp background behind them.

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston,
MA, USA "Go Fly A Kite"