"Jeremy" <>
Sent: 1/8/2001 9:45:44 PM

RE: [gpsstash] geocache database as a waypoint file?

I'll respond to this question, since it does come up often.

I will not provide the entire waypoint list as a downloadable file. Here are
my reasons.

Geocaching needs to have the most current information available in order to
make this game the easiest to play and the most rewarding. I remove
waypoints, change coordinates, and add them on a daily basis, so it is a
living list.

My fear is, releasing the entire database of caches will create multiple
copies of current (and non-current) caches out there on the Internet. That
spawns more web sites and more web sites - ad nauseum. Eventually you don't
know what is current and what is old and outdated, or *where* it is the most

Now I can understand the desire to download a list of caches in your general
area (say, around your state, country, etc.) - I have a waypoint for every
cache in a 200 mile radius just in case I happen to be out and about and I
end up close by. In that I'll see if I can work with some of the software
applications out there and set it up so you can download specific caches to
your gps device instead of entering them in by hand.

Even if you do have waypoints entered into your GPS, I would definitely
suggest checking in before your hunt to ensure that the cache has not gone
missing (or removed for some other reason).

Jeremy Irish