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Sent: 1/9/2001 12:59:54 PM

Possibly oldest unlogged cache?

Hello All,

Does my first cache win the oldest virgin award?

I placed this one in July and it was still untouched when I last checked in
October. I haven't even had an attempt logged. Given local winter and spring
weather conditions, I don't expect it will be logged until at least May. It
is off the beaten path but hardly inaccessible - makes for a great kayak day

I hope to plant a stash this spring on one of the Manitou Islands. Hunters
could traverse confluence 45N 86W enroute.

COOL history

View from above

I'm sure a Manitou cache would see even less activity than my first but I'm
also sure it would be a memorable trip for those who made the effort.



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Subject: [gpsstash] List of oldest unlogged caches?

One thing I'd be curious to see is a list of the oldest, unlogged caches on
the website. These would hopefully be some that were in more
challenging/obscure locations, and that you wouldn't easily find in the
existing 'new caches' or 'recent loggings' listings.
Also, I noticed that the 'logging' page asks you whether it's a 'found
it', 'attempted', or 'other' logging, but it doesn't appear to display that
information anywhere on the cache page itself. Is this used/stored in any

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