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Re: [gpsstash] What to put in the stash?

On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 03:33:32PM -0500, wrote: >
> i think cdrs are a great idea-i'm not sure which mini cds you are
> talking about, but cdrs here in the u.s. that hold 650meg, can be found
> usually for around 1$ u.s. i havent found any caches w/cdrs yet...i
> wonder how they would hold up to the cold, or heat...

he's talking about actual 3" cd-r's. they aren't real popular because
they store such a small amount of data. here (for illustration purposes
only, i have no idea if this pricing is even reasonable) is a page that
offers them:

some companies were lopping the top and bottom off and making working
business cards out of them. i picked up a sony a/v disc at comdex that
was business-card sized that actually played in a cd-rom. you can see
some of these at:

as far as i know they aren't that temperature sensative, the deal with
cd-r's is usually about UV because the sun just eats them alive.

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