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Re: [gpsstash] What to put in the stash?

i think cdrs are a great idea-i'm not sure which mini cds you are talking about, but cdrs here in the u.s. that hold 650meg, can be found usually for around 1$ u.s. i havent found any caches w/cdrs yet...i wonder how they would hold up to the cold, or heat...
andy wrote:
> Hi all,

New to this, and it appears so is the rest of the UK, but having read a
fair bit about what to put in the cache, has anyone thought of putting some
of those mini CD's in? You know, the business card sized ones that'll take
50Mb. You can get them for £0.94 or $1.49.

You could put a fancy greeting, with photographs of you..your web of the cache area..the cache itself at different times of
year..the nearest other caches..some music..a copy of the cache
log..piccies of previous visitors....the list is endless.

The amount of data you can put on one, and the fact that they're so cheap
to reproduce make it quite appealing, to me anyway!

Happy hunting...Ciemon

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