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RE: [gpsstash] List of oldest unlogged caches?

Yes. It is optional. Many others prefer to leave a real log and not a
virtual one. No firm statistics but I wouldn't be surprised if it was 1 in 5
that actually leave online logs.

First reason - Paranoid about having cookies on your browser.
Second reason - Privacy fears
Third reason - Forget :)

I only use cookies to maintain session state through the page, but to each
his/her own. I also have a pretty hardcore privacy statement on the site

I appreciate people who do leave a log, since I can live vicariously through
them and their adventures.


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Subject: Re: [gpsstash] List of oldest unlogged caches?

> One thing I'd be curious to see is a list of the oldest, unlogged caches
> on the website. These would hopefully be some that were in more
> challenging/obscure locations, and that you wouldn't easily find in
> the existing 'new caches' or 'recent loggings' listings.

I don't log my visits to caches on the web. I'm sure others don't
either. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone who relies on this.

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