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RE: [gpsstash] List of oldest unlogged caches?

I need to go back and read all the logs, checking off if it was 'found'
'attempted' etc, before I can list them. Same goes for the rating system,
which used to be in the description but are now separate fields in the
database. I'm adding that this week so you'll see icons representing a
found/attempted/not found log, and possibly sorting them if the list gets
pretty long (like the California LAX cache).

Good idea for a list of oldest caches without logs. I'll see what I can put
up online.


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Subject: [gpsstash] List of oldest unlogged caches?

One thing I'd be curious to see is a list of the oldest, unlogged caches on
the website. These would hopefully be some that were in more
challenging/obscure locations, and that you wouldn't easily find in the
existing 'new caches' or 'recent loggings' listings.
Also, I noticed that the 'logging' page asks you whether it's a 'found
it', 'attempted', or 'other' logging, but it doesn't appear to display that
information anywhere on the cache page itself. Is this used/stored in any

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