"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 1/9/2001 7:09:26 PM

Re: Logging statshes on the web???

Don't rely on web logs to let you know the status of your caches.
Anyone who places a cache needs to plan ahead with regards to it's
location knowing they will need to revisit the site at least on an
annual basis. I try to keep my caches within a certain distance that
doesn't take a long roadtrip to check up on them. I wouldn't place a
cache while away on travel if I know I can't get back to it within 12

You never know who or what will find your cache and if it will be
plundered or moved. Caches are the responsibiilty of the person who
originally placed it. If the owners can't commit to checking on their
caches they shouldn't place them.

At the rate Geocaching is growing, 3 new caches daily = ~1100 year.
If we don't verify their existence/integrity on a regular basis,
Jeremy's site will soon end up with a huge list of caches, many of
which may not be there.


> If I hide a stash, nobody ever logs on the web page to say they
found it, I
> never know if the stash is still there or has been plundered unless
> constantly go back and verify it every couple months.