Jason M <>
Sent: 1/9/2001 5:46:41 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Logging statshes on the web???

Yeah, this could raise some opinions...

I would also prefer at least some kind of logging of visits. So, here's a
What if there was the option of an 'anonymous log entry' (with no cookies,
and the usual privacy precautions for those so inclined). All it would
record is a timestamp of the log. That way the maintainer can see that
it's been visited recently, and if people wanted to talk about more in the
log, they still have that option to write their story for others to enjoy.

Just a random idea.


--- Tommie wrote:
> Now I'm a bit confused.
> If I hide a stash, nobody ever logs on the web page to say they found
> it, I
> never know if the stash is still there or has been plundered unless I
> constantly go back and verify it every couple months.
> I'd prefer if people who found the stash, log on the web page.
> Just my 2 cents worth.
> Tom Melnik

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