Dave Seaton <>
Sent: 2/10/2001 4:30:58 PM

Re: public domain

I trimmed out most of the messages, but left enough to see what I'm
replying to.

>And while I've got my fingers typing in flame mode, I'll put in my 2
>cents on the whole issue of and its relation to the
>rapidly developing sport of geocaching. You don't have to like the
>site (I do) or what Jeremy's doing (I do).

My response: I couldn't agree with you more. I love and I
think what Jeremy's doing is great. That's why I (voluntarily) put the
coordinates in there. I think the design is excellent (and his to
copyright) the database is great (and his to copyright) the interface is
intuitive (and his to copyright) but the coordinates themselves belong to
all of us. I thought it was important to emphasize that point, and I
thought what better way to do it than to create a new cache, remind
everyone it was for everyone, and then put the coordinates in Jeremy's
database. It was supposed to be a gesture of support for the community.. I
apologize if I came off as a separatist.

And as for this guy:

>You know...when I opted to join this club I thought
>there would be a lot of people trying to have fun
>together and come together as a group. Since adding my
>name to this LAME gaming community

Part of coming together as a group is deciding how to organize yourselves
and the best way to conduct whatever it is you do. I think geocaching is
still in it's infant stages, and I myself am a latecomer. You have to
understand that there is no system of organization - yet - that meets the
needs and desires of all who participate, but these discussions are about
sorting out the issues to decide what's best for the sport and for
everyone. I'm sorry you had nothing to contribute.

Hope you all have a great weekend.. I'm hoping to get out and find a cache
tomorrow with my girlfriend.

Dave Seaton