"Robert A. Casinghino / Gambit32" <>
Sent: 2/10/2001 7:58:03 PM

G32-2 cache probably missing in West Hartford, CT

It looks like the G32-2 cache
( thats in West
Hartford CT has gone missing. I've had two reports now that theres been
logging and clearing in the area and that they haven't found the bucket.

If anyone else out there plans on looking for it, please be warned that I'm
not sure that its there any more. I unfortunately won't be back in the
area until Late March to check on it.

Jeremy: Can you put a note in the write-up a small caveat that the stash
may be missing?

Its a shame its gone missing. I'll try to plant another one someplace soon
to make up for it.

Robert A. Casinghino
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