"Robert A. Casinghino / Gambit32" <>
Sent: 2/13/2001 11:30:02 PM

G32-3 Cache stashed

G32-3 Cache stashed
from userid: gambit32

N41° 50.663'
W73° 56.589
Altitude: 96 feet
Accuracy: 24-31 feet

Stash: 2 gallon white paint bucket with lid from the Home Depot across the
street. The stash contains a log book pens, and an assortment of 'prizes'
for those who find the stash.

Everything inside is contained within individual zip sealed baggies. There
is a copy of the stashnote.doc document printed on bright yellow paper
inside a plastic sleeve with instructions for those who find the stash. The
logbook has my initial entry, as well as a request to drop an email (if the
person has time) to the email address given within. Gives me a chance to
find out who is visiting the stash.

I was able to get around 29 foot accuracy for this stash, which will get
you close enough that you should be able to see where it is. Its along a
trail with blue trail markers. If coming from the north, its maybe ...
100+ feet from a brown sign that says "7 Km", off the path to the
west. There is a rather large uprooted tree which has fallen towards the
river with the roots facing the trail. The stash is on the northern side
of this fallen tree, wedged between it, some rocks, and the ground.

Terrain and difficulty are both 1.0. This is a good beginner's
stash. easy to get to.

As always, I do request (beg.) that those who find the stash please try and
cover it up as good, if not better, than how you found it.

Robert A. Casinghino
GeoLocation: N41°43.251' W73°55.756'