Jon Cunningham <>
Sent: 2/13/2001 12:47:43 PM


Sorry for the crosspost, but this question is for the veteran
GPSStashers on this list, as well as the newcomers on the other list.

I've had to abandon a couple of searches recently, because the
coordinates appeared to draw me either onto private property, or
public property that was posted "no trespassing."

In the case of the private property, the cache owner wrote to me
(after I wrote to him of my failure) that it was OK to enter his
property (where, evidently, the cache was located), but that the web
site failed to post that info. It seems to me that if caches are on
private property, a wandering cache seeker could end up on the wrong
private property while seeking a cache. This could get ugly, if that
property's owner is not into Geocaching and doesn't enjoy his land
being probed by a stranger, which is most of us.

In the case of the off limits public property, it could suddenly
become a police matter.

Is anyone else having this sort of problem on their hunts?
Jon Cunningham, Aurora, IL, USA
Freelance Photographer & Touring Cyclist