"Richard Amirault" <>
Sent: 2/14/2001 4:33:13 PM

Recently Logged Page

Jeremy, I came across the "recently logged" page the other day and I find it
very useful. We have over 20 cache's in the area and I like to check up on
which were logged. By using this page I don't have to check *each* of the 20
cache pages to see if there are any new loggings for that cache. All I have
to do is scroll down the list and any *new* logs are listed (by state, and
cache name) so that I can go *direct* to that cache page and read the new
log info. (yes, I know I can subscribe to the page and get notified of
changes ... I don't want to do that)

My suggestion is to re-name the link to this (imho, valuable) page a bit
better. Currently you have the link on the SEEK A CACHE page and it reads:

"You may also enjoy reading some experiences from fellow geocachers."

True, but somewhat misleading. The page is a list of *all* the caches that
were logged, seperated by the day of logging, for the last few days
(currently last 4 days) So, if you check this page every few days you can
keep abreast of *all* the local loggings in your area (if that's what suits
your fancy)

I'm sending this via the mailing list to let other folks know about this
(somewhat hidden) valuable page in case they didn't know about it.

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston,
MA, USA "Go Fly A Kite"