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I've used these too. They work GREAT! Just add a dab o' caulk in the spout
to prevent any leakage.


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I was looking for the perfect container that was economical for
Louisiana's next cache with a camera inside it like the first, (about 80
miles from the other) and buried in sand, so I wanted a good container
for our damp climate here and found these new water tight and insulated
containers that are 5 inches across, by 10 inches tall with a very big
opening at the top at the thrift store chain called "Dollar General". I
went in to look at the tupperware type stuff and came across these name
brand containers for 3 dollars each.:
Perfect for a GPS stash. We will get two more targets with cameras and
new goodies in these soon.
Hope all are having fun with satellites!!
Bob and Bobby

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