Sent: 2/16/2001 10:11:25 AM

newbie gps unit

Am looking for a gps unit for geocaching and have found 2 units
available locally.
1. Magellan gps310 for $99
2. Garmin Etrex for $119
Which one would be better? I dont care about maps or a compass.

Also is there a difference between the 300 and the 310? They are both
the same price here and the salesman tried to tell me they are the
same unit.
Any other suggestions? Price would be the main concern. If anyone
knows of any hot deals out there it would be appreciated. Wish I had
heard about this back in october when Office Depot was clearancing
them out.
Have 2 stashes ready to place in western WI as soon as I get a gps.

Heard about this on Techtv so the media is working!