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Re: [gpsstash] newbie gps unit

You can compare the Magellan 300 with the 315 at the sites below, I
found a Magellan 315 for $119.00 at an Academy Sporting Goods, it has 9
navigation screens, instead of 3, and has a tripmeter/odometer proximity
and target notification alarms, altitude, and many other features like
more user memory for very little more money than the new 300. It is a
slightly scaled down version of the 315, like the 310 to get the price
below 100 bucks at 99 dollars. The 300 has more battery life then the
315, I guess because its has to do less when operating. Be sure to click
on the "specifications" page link at the top right for each unit:

I have some info on line about our 315 at:
It is very versatile and we use it in the van, fishing, and on our
motorcycle too.
I am sure there are many other units with lots of great features but I
am familiar with this one and it has worked perfectly for us, and it is
our first.
Bob Bertaut Sr. wrote:

> Am looking for a gps unit for geocaching and have found 2 units
> available locally.
> 1. Magellan gps310 for $99
> 2. Garmin Etrex for $119
> Which one would be better? I dont care about maps or a compass.
> Also is there a difference between the 300 and the 310? They are both
> the same price here and the salesman tried to tell me they are the
> same unit.
> Any other suggestions? Price would be the main concern. If anyone
> knows of any hot deals out there it would be appreciated. Wish I had
> heard about this back in october when Office Depot was clearancing
> them out.
> Have 2 stashes ready to place in western WI as soon as I get a gps.
> Heard about this on Techtv so the media is working!
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