Adam M.Bumpus <>
Sent: 2/18/2001 11:02:48 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 230

Hi Bob.

From looking at your webpage it looks like you've got the 315 which is a
little fancier than the 310 [btw, the motorcycle mount is really cool!]. I
double checked your directions just be be sure and the 310 does not support
displaying notation. Unlike the 315, the 310 has a segmented number
display (like on a digital clock) and doesn't have enough space to display
that many digits.

I have noticed however that the 310 keeps track of more decimal places
internally. It outputs 4 decimal places to the minutes when it is connected
to a computer.

Overall, I'd say that the 315 is probably worth the extra $40 since it has a
better display and quite a few more features.

> Hi! Adam!!
> I think you can change the coordinate system on the 310, you may have
> it set on degrees/minutes/seconds or degrees/minutes/mm
> Try this and you may be able to reset it: