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Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 229

Since the Magellan only displays the coordinates to .01 instead of the .001 degree, waht is the best way to enter the coordinates on the Magellan. I have one of these that I use (315) and I am trying to find a good way that will actually get me a little closer to the cache I am hunting... As it is is could be as much as a hundred feet away.....Thanks


"Adam M.Bumpus" wrote:
I've got the 310 and it's a pretty good little unit. The batteries last for a
long time and it's waterproof. I'm not sure that I'd recommend it for
geocaching though. It only displays the degree instead of
that is usually posted on I think that the
eTrex has a few extra features that are nice to have and is probably worth
the extra $20.


> Am looking for a gps unit for geocaching and have found 2 units
> available locally.
> 1. Magellan gps310 for $99
> 2. Garmin Etrex for $119
> Which one would be better? I dont care about maps or a compass.
> Also is there a difference between the 300 and the 310? They are both
> the same price here and the salesman tried to tell me they are the
> same unit.

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