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Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 229

Butch Seaman wrote:

> Since the Magellan only displays the coordinates to .01 instead of the
> .001 degree, waht is the best way to enter the coordinates on the
> Magellan. I have one of these that I use (315) and I am trying to
> find a good way that will actually get me a little closer to the cache
> I am hunting... As it is is could be as much as a hundred feet
> away.....Thanks
> Butch

You CAN change the coordinate system on the 315, you may have
it set on degrees/minutes/seconds or degrees/minutes/mm
This is how you reset it:
Turn the unit on:
press power, then "enter",
then press the menu button, then highlight "setup" with the shaded
cursor, then "enter",
then highlight "coord sys", then "enter",
then highlight "primary", then "enter",
then highlight "LAT/LON", then "enter",
then you should see three choices to highlight:
then highlight "deg/min/mmm
then press "enter"
then press power off and then power up again and you should have it
reset to degrees minutes and tenths/hundredths of a second. (decimal
Hope this helps,
Bob B.

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