Sent: 2/3/2001 12:17:44 AM

It's a small world!

This email may only be of interest to one person, if that. So, for
the rest of you, please excuse my long post.

Like it says in that annoying Disneyworld tune it truly is a small,
small, small, small world. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia until last
November when I started a new job and moved about an hour north to
the city of Canton. For the last five years I lived in a 60 year old
apartment building in a great part of Atlanta. The complex had a mix
of interesting young professionals and students. Last December Gene
Garris of Atlanta, who lives in that same complex, told me about a story on some new "sport" called "Geocaching". Being a
nerd at heart and in need of a new hobby that would get me outdoors,
I found my way to and was immediately hooked. Even
better, since I already owned a handheld GPS receiver it was
something I could do for very little money. Great!

So I got into geocaching, tracked down all the online info I could
find, hunted a couple of caches, set out one of my own, and even
offered to moderate a Groundspeak forum. Then I heard about CNN
wanting to do a piece on geocaching. Interesting. Just today I read
someone's post about the CNN Online story and followed the link. As
I read the story I got to put a face to's Jeremy Irish
and read about Jason Thomas who CNN followed as he hunted a cache.

Wait a minute...Jason Thomas?...that picture...could it be?
is...I know him! You see, Jason used to live about ten feet from me
in that same 60 year old apartment building that I told you about
earlier. Jason moved down the street about a year ago but I would
still bump into him now and then. But, since I've now moved, I don't
think I'd have seen him again were it not for geocaching.

Yep, it sure is a small, small, small, small world!

Jason, if you're out there, it's me, Jess Bowers, from apartment 8-
C. How 'bout dropping me an email and letting me know what you're up
to besides geocaching.