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RE: [gpsstash] Garmin data cards

Regarding the memory, here is a second source:
I've never used this memory, so you may want to look at usenet and get
opinions. I'm curious if the GPS slows down because the map database gets
too big.

Regarding duplicating CDs, I really wouldn't do this. They are obviously
copyrighted, and the trail back to the person who duped them is pretty

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Does anyone know if you can
> copy a Mapsource cd. If it will work. I do not mean copyright laws, I
> mean if it would copy? If it does I would make a copy of my MapSource
> Road & Rec CD, and leave it in the stash.
> Does anyone know of a inexpensive place to buy Garmin Data Cards for the
> Emap and StreetPilot. I am looking for a 64mb card. The lowest I have
> found is $199. Thanks for the bandwith I look forward to start looking
> in the spring.