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Re: [gpsstash] Waypoints / New Mailing list

On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 08:30:50AM -0800, Jeremy wrote:
> I'll address both questions that came up yesterday (for some reason this
> didn't go the first time) -
> Do not suck down the site and create your own waypoint databases. It is a
> copyright violation and will be enforced. This helps keep the game current
> and safe.
To use your words, "I'm honestly interested" in why you think its such a bad
thing for people to be able to load the waypoints into their gps. The only
excuses you've managed to give so far seem to be focused on you maintaining
control over the game. Since you are now openly threatening those of us who
were sucking data out for our own personal use (you should really do some
research into copyright law before you start threatening people, by the way),
and refusing to implement features that vast numbers of your site visitors
were requesting, I can see why you are so worried, the simple fact is that if
you continue to focus on control, rather than remembering that games are
supposed to be fun, then there will be many more competing sites, and with
this new statement that you are planning to hunt down those of us who use the
location information in ways you don't like, I for one won't be listing any
stashes on your site any time soon.

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