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RE: [gpsstash] Waypoints / New Mailing list

That does make sense. Can you guys give me a week or so to come up with a
good solution?


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On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:30:50 -0800, wrote:

> Can anyone give me a genuine reason why someone would want the entire
> of geocaches in waypoint format? Is going to the website whenever you're
> interested in finding a cache so inconvenient? I know it would "be cool,"
> but what other reason? I'm honestly interested.
> Reasons against-

My reason for:
I'm not sure if the whole list would be of much use, but I'd sure like to be
able to download the waypoints of all the caches in say, a 60 mile radius,
or 100, or whatever. A few months ago it was no big deal to scribble the
numbers down and poke them into the GPS. But with all the new caches around
the Bay Area, thats getting to be quite a big job. (Do a zip code search at on 94901!)


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