eric <>
Sent: 2/6/2001 1:31:52 AM

Multiple Cache Maps?

Ok, this may be far fetched, but I throw it out for comments. I'm going on
a road trip that travels thru several states in a few weeks and was trying
to figure out what caches I may pass on my journey. I'm finding it very
difficult to see what I may be driving by without clicking on every single
cache individually to study the map. Wouldn't it be awesome if I could
pull up each state's map with all the state's geocaches marked on it. I
have a hard time visualizing how close I could be to a potential cache
hunt. The map would probably have to be clickable so that you could drill
down to the individual cache info. I have no idea what it would take to
implement such a map, I just think it would be VERY neat to have. What
does everybody think? Is this doable Jeremy?