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Re: [gpsstash] Re: Waypoints / New Mailing list

Thus Spoke Edward:
> Actually, Jeremy did set up (and several variations), and
> he wrote all of the scripts to obtain the cache information, and made the
> single location for looking up caches and information about them. He owns
> the server that the website resides on, and maintains it. HE DOES OWN IT!
> He did not input all of the data (since he did not place all of the caches),
> but he does own the information, and the server on which it resides.

Yeah, I guess he does have a legal right to say he owns the
data, I mean he is quick to threaten a lawsuit right? I think he
owes it to the geostashing community to make the data available
as a generic database.

> His comment may not have been the best one that could possibly be made, but
> the point was a good one. Jeremy went forward at a very early time to
> create this central location. Anybody else can feel free to make a website
> to keep the caches and cache information, but since was made
> very near the beginning, it is not as likely that the site will grow
> quickly. Jeremy has done several things to help the people who participate
> in geocaching. Although he did not want to do it immediately, Jeremy
> removed the advertisements that many people complained about on the site.
> He designed (and apparently has distributed) the geocaching t-shirts.

For some reason people think that the only use for the geocache
database will be for someone to create a competing website. What
about the fellow writing a palm application for geocaching. I
just want it for personal uses. And as I recall Jeremy took the
ads off because they weren't generating much money anyway.
Jeremy has put a lot of work into making a great site, I don't
see it becoming obselete after its data (which is already
available) is released in a different format. Don't get me
wrong, I am glad that Jeremy has created such a functional site.
My comments earlier were perhaps uncalled for, I'm just
frustrated by what seems to me to be a trivial matter.

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