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Re: [gpsstash] Waypoints / New Mailing list

Tohus Spoke Jeremy:

> Reasons against-
> Constantly changing -
> Confusing the game -
> This is already happening - People creating regional web sites with cache
> details (the ones they do not place themselves). One even has a "cache
> report" page for submitting caches. New geocachers become confused because
> they don't know what is current and what is not. Centralization keeps the
> game sane. Even if the cache may be missing, you do know that the cache list
> is as current as it gets.

Wouldn't you rather people have an up to date cache list from
your site. Your attitude seems very selfish, let us have some
fun with the data too. Well I guess your a closed-source
microsoft-using type guy so you never even imagined making your
information free. Oh yeah, and I'll view the site however I
please, sue me if you want.

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